What should be the world's most unneccessary app is here. 

Please Fuck Off. We're here!





It's all very simple really. 

You should be able to go jogging when you want to. You should be able to take the dog for a walk whenever. You should always be able to make your own way home late at night. But the reality is often very different.

Enough already. Person by person, area by area, city by city – together we create SaferZones™ all over Sweden. To begin with.

Download the PFO app here and show us where you stand, as one of the first to put personal safety on the map together with others.


Our story

From Civil Rights Defenders to safer citizens of the world.

We started with the The Natalia Project – the world’s first assault alarm for aid workers, journalists and others working for human rights in politically unstable areas. The next step in this development is a safety service useable in everyday life by anyone, everywhere. But we begin at home, in Stockholm.

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PFO. In other words:
Please Fuck Off.

First and foremost, this is an initiative for preventive safety where we light the way for each other by showing where we stand. Together we create a greater sense of real safety in numbers, for everyone.



How PFO SaferZones works.
Powered by People.

Everyone who downloads the app PFO SaferZones™ create safer spaces for each other on a map. The more people in an area, the deeper the color. You’re anonymous on the map, but show up as a mark for others. Based on presence in an area, you can also choose the safest path for you.



What to do.
Pull The Plug or Push The Button.

Simply downloading the app shows where you stand together with others. However, if you should feel unsafe at any point you can send a PFO Alert – Pull The Plug (pull the headphones) or Push The Button (press and hold the button). A notification is sent to those closest to you, as well as your personal network, regardless of where they are.